Sao Paulo Feira Haul

On my journey of buying the freshest vegetables, I found the local Farmer’s Market here in Sao Paulo.  Click on the video below to see what I got!

The 4th and Family

Here it is again: the 4th of July, the day of Independence. Flags will be flying, people will be decked out in their finest red, white and blue attire, and without a doubt, politics and patriotism will come into discussion.

Surviving Air Travel

It is that time of year again; Spring. People are running off for their yearly vacations, college students are getting anxious and hiking over mountains, and Ex-pat teachers are traveling internationally to see their families. I count myself into the latter of those categories, having recently completed an international trip from Dubai, United Arab Emirates…

Dissent Against Silence

Disabilities are an uncomfortable subject. As humans, it bothers us to see another of our species struggle with day-to-day activities that we often take for granted. On the contrary, watching someone overcome a disability can be a testament to the gloriousness of what humans can overcome.

Plant-Centered Primeotarian

One of the most beautiful parts of being a nomad is the constant need for adaptation. With every country I move to, I have to learn to adapt to the culture, the language, and above all: the food. Each country brings with it new vegetables and fruits to try, and new dietary challenges. In the…