Primeotarian: My Discovery

It’s a long-debated concept that diet and exercise are the keys to being slim.


Though I agree with this in part, I am a firm believer that diet and exercise are the keys to being healthy.   I do not think that healthy and slim/thin/skinny are the same thing, nor do I think that they are equal.


In 2012, I went to the doctor.


I was diagnosed as a diabetic, hypertensive, hypokalemic and my cholesterol was ‘through the roof’.  I weighed in at a staggering 275 pounds at the age of 22.


It was at this time that I began to make serious and intense lifestyle changes.


Over the next two years, I tried a variety of extreme, crash, fad and highly restrictive diets.  This included the Atkins, Lemonade , Juicing fast and even the Baby food Diet.  However, like many, after about anywhere from a week to a month, the extremity became too much and I gave up.


A little over halfway into my tenure in China, I began having many conversations my good friend Phyllis Serene.  She shared with me her journey of weight loss, healthy and body discovery.  On her journey, she found the Paleo diet.  


I began researching; I saw photos , and read several articles regarding the “rules”  of the Paleo diet/lifestyle.


I gave this a full-hearted trial. To my amazement, I found it was one of the most sustainable and satisfying diets to date.  Within three days, I felt better.  I felt lighter, had more energy and genuinely felt healthier.  As I continued, my constant feeling of illness vanished and I started to feel my age for the first time in years.


I, finally, began to lose weight fairly quickly.  Unlike the past two years, where the pounds would slowly drip off in inconsistent waves, I was starting to see a consistent change, with a rate of about 1/2 pound per week.


I was beyond ecstatic.  I was very happy.  Somewhere around the three month mark, though, I fell into the most common problem of diets: cheating.


I love food.  This is no secret.  Though Paleo was exceptional, I was still craving some of those foods that did not have a “true” substitute. (Cauliflower is great, but it’s still not pizza crust).  I found that some of my favorite items I would miss so much that I would binge.  After binging, I would then have to go through the “three day detox” again, and again.


This ‘detox’ usually consisted of a constant feeling of hunger, slight headaches, and strong cravings.  I found that I went through this often, because of the binges.


This was when I moved into the ‘modified’ Paleo, which morphed into what I follow now.   Instead of ‘forbidding’ some of my favorite foods, I allowed them into my diet, which prevented the binge problem.


Another year and another country later, I have fine-tuned my diet to have regular guidelines that provide me with a well-balanced, healthy, binge-free system that allows me to lose and maintain my weight, eliminate the “major” craves and enjoy life without constantly worrying about what I am eating.  I have lost a total of 65 pounds on this system, and I have kept it off.  In addition, in early 2016, I have successfully reversed my diabetes, my blood pressure is down to normal, and my cholesterol has dropped back down to a healthy range.  The hypokalemia has not gone away, but this is not a condition that can solely be controlled through diet.


My ‘modified’ Paleo diet pulls from various, proven forms of healthy lifestyles in order to make one that is custom-suited to my needs.  I have taken elements from the Primal Diet, the Paleo Diet, Vegetarianism and Veganism.  Using parts of these, I have created my personal diet and lifestyle that I have coined Primeotarian. 




In my next post, I will be outlining the dietary guidelines and showing the floor plan for Primeotarian.

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