My Time in Pole Dance

I was never very athletic, however, while in Brazil, I found a sport that really spoke to me.

I had never considered pole dancing before, but soon fell in love.

Here are videos (in reverse chronological order) from my time in pole dance in Brazil.


The Flatline Scorpion


The Deville



The Flatline



The Butterfly



The Scorpion 2



The Gemini



Bow and Arrow Handstand



The Rainbow



A few more spins from my last class.



A series of spins from my last class



Cross Ankle Release



A Very Strong Pose



One of my favorite flying moves.



This was from the End Of the Year Recital in 2015.



One of my favorite inversions.



My first attempt at an inversion.



This is my three-week progress video, recorded at the request of my dance teacher.



This is my first progression video.  Two weeks/5 classes in.  I’ve lost 4 pounds and I am gaining strength in all areas of my body.

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