Susan Williams Johnson

Like a peach blossom in the midst of spring,

An ocean-kissed wind, or pillows with lace, 

A mile-wide embrace, with her, she brings,

Love and comfort is my grandmother’s face.

A lady of valor, an angel’s heart,

Her voice instills music, her hands give strength,

A practicing Preachess, doing her part.

A donee of short, but provider of great lengths,


A force behind me while many backed down,

Few of the number that keeps on thinning,

A guiding light while so many drown,

Feeling the love is just the beginning.


Once there is, never again will there be,

The perfection my grandma is to me.  


Grandma Sue

One Comment Add yours

  1. Susan Johnson says:

    Ok now I’m crying.thank you. It’s beautiful like you.


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