Sky Scan Price Jam!

One of the most expensive parts of traveling abroad is airfare.  I recently decided that I was going to move to Brazil, and I was given the challenging task of finding airfare on a budget.

I am known to be a little frugal, and I am proud of this.  So, when I began my search, my primary goal was to get the best deal for the lowest amount of money.   As I have always been told, and have always believed, in order to get a good deal, it is necessary to either spend time or money.  I prefer to spend time.

This is how I saved over $600 USD on airfare for my trip to Brazil:

This is the trip I have to book: Shanghai, China – Buffalo, New York – Rio De Janeiro, Brazil.

Sound expensive?  Probably but let’s see what we can do about that.

Every country has a ‘trick’ to buying airfare.  The hard part is finding that trick.  (pssst….jetblue, and spirit airlines).   For China, it is either or

Another universal site to look at for random great deals is

So…let’s begin…

The primary site I will be using here is  They are a flight database that lists major companies by price, similar to Expedia or Orbitz, but they also list smaller companies, such as Spirit Airlines and Ctrip.

I’m looking for a one way trip with multiple destinations, leaving around February 7, 2015, short stop in Buffalo, and arriving on February 11, 2015.  Skyscanner does not allow for multiple destination searches, so I will use Google Flights for this search.

SHA – BUF – RIO  $1,827

Ouch.  That really hurts in small areas of the body…because I am no where NEAR happy with that price, it is time to divide and conquer.   Let’s look at two one way tickets, one from SHA – BUF and one from BUF – RIO.   This time I will use both Google and Skyscanner.


·      SHA – BUF   $926

·      BUF – RIO   $1,155      Total Price:  $2,081


·      SHA – BUF   $898

·      BUF – RIO    $931       Total Price: $1829

I refuse to pay that much.   Let’s try Ctrip.


·      SHA – BUF   $807

Sold** unless something better comes along….

Ok.  Now,  Skyscanner offers an awesome feature on their website.  They allow searching by country instead of city.  I am curious…what is the cheapest city to fly from in the US into Rio?

Search Terms:  United States – Rio

·      FLL – RIO  $412

That sounds better…now, how much is it to fly from BUF – FLL?

·      BUF – FLL  $104

The total price for this trip is now:  $1,216 USD

Booking the ticket this way, just saved me over $600.  The only inconvenience now, is that I have to collect my baggage and recheck in while in Florida, and there is a strong possibility of a long layover.  I highly recommend this method if saving money is the main priority.

Happy Traveling!

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