Lots of Changes

Hello everyone,

I have recently resurfaced in the digital world. Between my new school work, family visits and reorganizing my life, I did not have time to keep up with my forum.

However, I am back and I have lots of ideas to share!symbol

One of the biggest changes recently, has been my diagnosis as a Hypokalemic Type II Diabetic. For lack of a better phrase…this sucks.

In truth, I am not too terribly upset, I am more focused on the route to recovery. I have almost 50 lbs. to lose, and I am well on my way. However, there is one good adventure that has surfaced because of this; my new venture in healthy eating! As a way to help keep track of my recipes and share them with others who might be struggling with the same situation, I’ve decided to start making some posts that include my recipes.

I’ve ventured into more than just meals, I enjoy desserts (who doesn’t), homemade jams, as well as healthy snack ideas.

Feel free to message me with suggestions and I’ll have some recipes up soon!

500px-Blue_circle_for_diabetes 300 Wikipedia

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