Bucket List – from “I’m Dying”

I recently read a post from a dear friend of mine. This particular post was  about the truth, and  reality of death as well as  the fact that it is inevitable and closer than we think. He went on to write about his “bucket list” and what he wants to complete and accomplish before he reaches “death’s door.”

Read the article here –> http://yusefwateef.com/2013/05/16/im-dying/

Reading this entry inspired me to think about my own future and what I want to accomplish before the timer runs out.

After quite a bit of contemplation I came up with my own of the following:

1) Bachelor’s Degree.

I made a promise to my brother not too long ago about the two of us working through our courses in college.   He hadn’t realized it, but by graduating from college, we would become the first generation college educated in our family.   To me, this is something to be very proud of.   I graduated from high school with high honors, and after finishing my Associate’s, decided to take a semester off, which later turned into a full year away from school.  After making my decision to finish my next degree, I jumped on the opportunity right away, and I begin classes May 20th.

2) Travel

There is an entire world that I have not seen or experienced yet.  Before my timer runs out, I plan to see all seven continents.  I don’t think the entire world is a tangible goal yet, but I want to see what life is like in foreign lands.

3) Be a professional artist

For the majority of my life, I have enjoyed painting, sketching, writing, and singing.  Before my timer runs out, I would like to be asked to do one of these activities for pay.

4) Skydiving and/or Cliff Diving

I have always had a fear of heights, but to prove to myself that there are no limits that can’t be pushed, I would like to take a leap and try these activities.

5) Learn another language

I enjoy language.  It is one of the most sophisticated forms of communication.  I would like to fluently learn at least one more language.

6) Be an inspiration

My life story is nothing short of remarkable.  Though this goal might be beyond my control, I want to leave this earth inspiring at least one other person.

7) Live without Fear

I don’t think this one needs any explanation.  I have goals in life, and I want to accomplish all of them without fear. I want to try new things and instead of feeling fear, I want to feel excitement and anticipation.  I want to lose the one emotion that holds so many from reaching happiness and every one of the items on their list.  I want to see something and go for it without wanting to hold back.

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