It’s not them, it’s you…

I’ve been warned, using this phrase several times.   In most cases, its in reference to things that I have done and become accustomed to that others have not.  For example,  when I walk into a group setting and realize that I think differently than everyone else for one of many reasons.   I have to remember that the common factor is me, not everyone else.

As the school year is coming to a close, I’ve realized that the other people who I work with are not only anxious for the end of the school year, but irritated with everything that is still going on in the workplace (not unjustified, in my opinion).   This irritation, I believe, has led to an uncomfortable atmosphere.

outcastWatching this event take place, I have to wonder to myself, ‘why don’t I feel the same way?’

It is here that I realize, that when the school year ends, I have more than just a few things to look forward to.  I know that I’m going to be changing homes, I am going back to school, and I know that, “there is a way out” for me.    With such a large star on the horizon, I am able to aim all of my energy into that star, and everything else floats away, because it is no longer the only focus in my life.

Looking around, now that I realize this, I have to remind myself that my peers might be in a bad mood, but they do not have the same scapegoat that I do.


It’s been shared with me from a fellow traveler that if/when I return to the states from  living overseas, I’ll be in a similar situation.   Everyone might appear to “act weird,” but the person who is different is going to be me.   I have, do, and will have experiences that most of my peers will not be able to indulge in.

They are not “acting weird”, I just have a different perspective.

I’m the only common denominator.

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