Primeotarian: Other Lifestyle Changes

As much as I would hate to admit it, health, or at least overall health, is created from more than just what we put in our mouths.

Primeotarian focuses on holistic wellness, not just diet, but also the activities that we participate in on a daily basis and the other substances that we use and come into contact with.

We only get have one life, and in that time, we should take as much care of our bodies as possible, in order to ensure that that life is as enjoyable as possible.

Primeotarian has a list of items, other than diet, that are encouraged in order to live this holistic lifestyle. Continue reading

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Primeotarian: The Floorplan

What constitutes nutrition, exercise and overall health?

It is unfortunate, but these areas are overlooked in today’s eBeFunky Collageducation. Instead we become overly focused on what the body looks like, and how much it weighs. This is a dangerous game to play, because common health myths arise and people end up hurting themselves trying to be society’s idea of “healthy” and “ideal.”

It took me a long time (most of my life, actually) to become comfortable and confident in my own body, regardless of the fact that I am no where close to the “ideal” body type.

Part of my journey led me to create and need my own dietary lifestyle that made me feel healthy, happy and satisfied.

Primeotarian was that discovery.

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Primeotarian: My Discovery

It’s a long-debated concept that diet and exercise are the keys to being slim.


Though I agree with this in part, I am a firm believer that diet and exercise are the keys to being healthy.   I do not think that healthy and slim/thin/skinny are the same thing, nor do I think that they are equal.


In 2012, I went to the doctor.


I was diagnosed as a diabetic, hypertensive, hypokalemic and my cholesterol was ‘through the roof’.  I weighed in at a staggering 275 pounds at the age of 22.


It was at this time that I began to make serious and intense lifestyle changes.

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Sonnet IV

The wind so eas’ly breaks the windmill strong
And smolders the candle’s brilliant flame;
It silences and carries ‘way the bird’s song,
But cruel, it knows and it claims thee by name.
Existence, in turn, severs just the same.
Innocence becomes degradation’s bliss,
Passion’s youth is hushéd and of defame,
And thy only pleasure becomes death’s kiss.
The vapor of life thy delights remiss,
Frivolous crusades deface their purpose,
And thy surrenders other’s eyes dismiss.
Company’s council demands thy repose,
Ere, a mother whose heart, tender and mild,
Holds the cold, still hand of her only child.
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Sonnet V

The wither of a rose in foggéd glass
Reflections of hidden swords and the heart
Of Kurtz thine eyes so modestly can cast.
The depth of solace I find in my art
Stands, my David, when Goli’th and he part.
My knight, symbols, strike out, inward and through!
Slay the Fallen, the cursed, the weak and start
The fire for the blind. Taketh me through
Oh, words.  Hand me the grave I holdeth to,
The divine comfort, all I to resist
In the shadow.  Fear, is the  crest renewed
The wall blank. Thy reflection missed.
The smallest crawler is seen with disgust,
Showeth thee, thyself true, and move thou must.
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